We are a Jack of All Trades! When it comes to Parking Lot Maintenance, Mad Jack’s has experience whatever the budget allows. From Throw and Roll to Complete Removal and Replacement, we can provide services for it all!. We are competitively priced, providing superior project management to ensure the quality of work meets Mad Jack’s high expectations.

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Potholes can be dangerous and frustrating for your patrons. Why do those nasty holes form? Water has seeped through the cracks, gotten trapped beneath the surface of your lot, contracted all winter, and pushed the asphalt up. You have several options to repair these potholes, ranging from temporary options to full removal and replacement.

Removal/Replacement | Milling | Infrared Repair | Surface Skin Patching | Pothole Filling | Fiber Reinforcement | Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement | Geo-Tech Fabrics


Mad Jack’s self-performs 100% of our concrete work throughout the country.

These services include: Removal/Replacement, Sidewalks and Flatwork, Curb Installation and Repair, Bumper Blocks, Loading Docks, Decorative Work, Dumpster Pads, Bollards, Concrete Epoxy, Eco-Concrete, Geo-Tech Fabrics, and Fiber Reinforcement.

Crack Sealing

To increase the longevity of your lot, crack sealing is the number one preventative maintenance option and the most cost effective. Yes, it can be unsightly, with all those ribbons waving through the asphalt. However, it prevents water from penetrating below the surface.


Sealcoating not only makes your lot shiny and new, it also helps protect your lot against moisture, oxidation, and erosion. It is recommended that you sealcoat your lot every 2–3 years, depending on your location and the extent of the deterioration of the asphalt.

Lot Marking

Lot marking completes the look. Not only does a fresh coat of paint catch the eye of a potential customer and make an impression of cleanliness, it also reduces parking confusion and creates fluid traffic flow. Striping also designates drive lanes, fire lanes, ADA-accessible areas, crosswalks, and parking spaces.

Project Management

Project Success is based on great communication regarding timely updates in Service Channel & directly to the FM regarding:

Estimating | Proposal Status | Scheduling | Progress | Photos/Videos | Completion

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