Let’s face it, Mother Nature can be very harsh on asphalt. Mad Jack’s goal is to protect and extend the life of your parking lot surface. When you live in a region where temperatures are extremely low or high, it will eventually cause damage to the paved surface. By frequently maintaining and inspecting the surface condition, Mad Jack’s paving can save you money. Our professional team will identify early signs of damage or surface cracking that can lead to more costly repairs in the long run.

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Potholes can be dangerous and frustrating for your patrons. Why do those nasty holes form? Water has seeped through the cracks, gotten trapped beneath the surface of your lot, contracted all winter, and pushed the asphalt or concrete up. With warmer temperatures, a void is left behind under the cracks when it thaws out. As vehicles run over it, the materials get weak and break down.

We’ve all seen a vicious pothole sneak up on us during the winter months. Next thing you know, snowplows and salt have hit it, and SHOCKER! It becomes a crater the size of your car! You have several options to repair those potholes, ranging from temporary options to full removal and replacement.

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Throw and Roll

Fire in the hole! You have an emergency repair that must be made. What should you do? The first option is “Throw and Roll.” This is a basic, temporary repair option for an emergency-type situation and should only be considered for short-term use. Cold Mix asphalt or Hot Mix asphalt can be used to fill the pothole, depending on weather conditions and asphalt availability. Once the damaged area is patched (Thrown), it is compacted (Rolled) by either a tamper, truck tire, or heavy vehicle.

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Infrared Patching

Infrared Asphalt Repair can be used for crucial repairs and can be done quickly, in any climate. This unique method heats up the original asphalt which is then combined with new hot-mix asphalt. It is then compacted to create a seamless repair.  Infrared patching is especially convenient in repairing pothole damage in colder climates and pavement heaving.

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Milling and Resurfacing

Asphalt Milling and Resurfacing is another option that is reliable and affordable for your parking lot. Milling is typically needed when your asphalt starts to unravel, there is cracking on the surface with low to moderate severity, and/or the top layer is shoving. The repair process includes grinding and removing the topmost layer of asphalt surface to provide a smooth, even surface, followed by overlaying the area with Hot Mix asphalt. This solution is only used when there are no sub-base issues. As you are only removing the top layer, it saves your company money compared to the extra cost of removing and replacing the asphalt. While being cost-effective, Milling is also an eco-friendly alternative. But you MUST be alert to the changes occurring on your lot and prepare to take preemptive measures before ghastly potholes begin to emerge.

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Removal and Replacement

So, what happens when the aforementioned options are not feasible? Your only proper, final, and long-lasting solution is Removal and Replacement. Determining how much to Remove and Replace will be dependent upon the number and size of potholes you have. The process involves saw-cutting the asphalt to a full depth of 4-5”, leaving the stone base. If the sub-base is further damaged, additional stone might be added to ensure proper drainage. Asphalt is laid in lifts, usually two 2” lifts for parking lots.

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